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News, Uncategorised Posted on Sat, November 28, 2020 11:52:18

2020 has been an unprecedented year for the wedding industry and photographers, as we all adapt to life with COVID-19.

Of course, we at Icarus Photography have been no exception. We have had first-hand experience of honouring a wedding booking that was thrown into uncertainty by the pandemic. Our own experience reflects those of the wedding industry at large.

The wedding in question was booked in 2019, months before the first signs of Coronavirus would alter all our lives. Our clients, Theresa and Rob, planned for a modest wedding at Swindon Registry Office in Wiltshire.

The wedding was booked for 26th September 2020. The couple asked us to cover the photography for the ceremony itself and family and friends afterwards. This fell within our Emerald package.  Photography for up to several hours, with the option of the wedding breakfast or afternoon reception.

Then the pandemic and the first lockdown happened.

This was an unprecedented situation, and we worked our way through it. Staying in touch with our clients. Theresa and Rob were understandably anxious that they may have to postpone or even cancel their wedding. We reassured them that if that were the case, we would honour the new date if there was a postponement.

Fortunately, restrictions eased, and we soon realised the wedding should be able to go ahead. Although a wedding which must be COVID-secure. No more than 30 people would be allowed to attend. Including the two officials, myself and my business partner Jon. The two photographers.

Swindon Registry Office would institute social distancing, sanitising and mask wearing at all ceremonies in the COVID-secure environment. We had a zoom meeting with the couple. We made some suggestions for photos and they provided us with requests for family and friends.

We all had one last moment of anxiety as the government announced, due to rising infections, that weddings would be reduced to a maximum of 15 from 28th September. Fortunately, the wedding fell on 26th September, just before the new restrictions came into force. There would be no more than 26 of us in total.

The wedding would be one of our most memorable, despite the restrictions. Saturday, 26th September was a pleasant autumnal day with mixed cloud and sunshine. We arrived at Swindon Registry Office and met some of the guests as they arrived in the car park. We began to take photographs, looking for those natural shots that have become much of our style.

We spoke to Rob after his arrival and went through the ceremony. When Theresa arrived with the bridesmaids, we took reportage shots as the bride and bridesmaids left their car and walked to the entrance.

Once we entered the Registry Office, we checked in using the NHS app for test and trace requirements. This is now a requirement at all COVID-secure venues. The Registrar briefed us on the rules for ceremonies. We could not take photos until the ceremony had finished, when we would be able to take posed shots.

As we entered the Garden Room where the wedding would take place, we took some posed shots of the bridesmaids. The Garden Room, well-lit and spacious, normally takes up to 65 guests. Due to restrictions, some seats had been removed to create social distancing. We all wore masks as we entered the room. The only exception the bride and groom and the officials.

The ceremony itself was conducted swiftly and Theresa and Rob were very soon man and wife. Jon and I took posed photos of the couple after they had signed the register. Then the guests were asked to take their own photos. The entire ceremony was conducted in a professional manner. A balance between fulfilment for the couple and guests and minimising time inside. 

We went outside following the ceremony to the adjacent Rose Garden. The weather stayed dry with glimpses of sunlight and we were able to get a whole range of posed and natural shots of the bride, groom and wedding party.

Once we had finished, we left after confirming with Theresa and Rob they had no more requests. We were not required for a reception that they may hold next year. Once they saw the edited photos the couple made plain how pleased they were and gave us a positive review. Despite restrictions, the wedding was a success and gave us valuable experience of a COVID-secure event.

How Coronavirus and lockdown restrictions are affecting weddings. A personal view from Icarus Photography

News Posted on Sat, November 28, 2020 11:38:30

Icarus Photography will always do our best to accommodate you and your family during these uncertain times. Of course, your concerns will be for health and safety and when your wedding can safely go ahead.

We will follow all government guidelines at the date of your wedding. We appreciate the situation may change and will adapt accordingly. Our aim is to honour your new wedding date if for any reason the ceremony is postponed. This may be due to a lockdown, or self-isolation.

During the national lockdown in England which runs from November 5th-December 2nd, wedding ceremonies and receptions are banned except in exceptional circumstances. Once the lockdown expires, England will revert to a strengthened three-tier system. Previously, under the rules of the tier system, weddings could take place with a maximum of 15 people. This will still be the case.  The tier system was brought in as part of new restrictions on 14th October. Weddings and receptions were reduced from a maximum of 30 to 15 people on 28th September.

Please bear in mind the current total of 15, once lockdown expires, should include officials and the photographer(s). The venue must meet all the safety guidelines of social distancing, mask wearing, sanitising, test and trace. Ceremonies should be as short as possible with no group singing or playing of musical instruments. The venue should keep a record of visitors for 21 days in case they need to be traced.

The tier system and levels of restrictions are of course under constant review. We will monitor any changes that could affect your wedding and please we would ask you to do the same. We would recommend the GOV.UK website where any changes to restrictions for weddings can be found.

With current guidelines in place, if your wedding date is outside any period of lockdown, we will photograph your wedding. In the interest of all parties we will ensure the venue meets all safety and social distancing guidelines. We will take precautions such as wearing masks and regularly sanitising.

We would endeavour to work with you if you are forced to move your wedding to a new date. This may be due to a national or local lockdown, self-isolation or a close relative becoming infected. Our aim is to photograph your wedding. Rest assured we will aim to cover the new date at no extra cost.

We are happy to provide a full refund if a postponed wedding causes a double booking or we ourselves are forced to self-isolate.

We understand some of our clients would rather postpone their wedding until a time when the restrictions maybe eased. We also appreciate there is the risk of a wedding being cancelled. As we have already stated, we will be as flexible as possible. The last thing we wish to do is leave our clients feeling aggrieved or disappointed.

We will do our best to find the best solution with our clients as we work through these unprecedented times.


News Posted on Tue, August 02, 2016 20:46:01

We are fast developing a reputation for covering gigs in
Bristol and Bath, with both photography and reviews, the Bristol Harbour
Festival being one of the highlights of our calendar. This year we covered three days of the Harbour Festival. Echo and
the Bunnymen, rock legends for several decades, entertained the crowds on
Friday, we got close up shots from the photo pit.

The same close up and wide angle photography allowed us to
get the best of the performance of Talisman on Saturday, Root and Reggae
artists, and the popular Don Fox

Sunday was more about the family entertainment and maritime
activities, which are as iconic to the festival atmosphere as the music.

Check out the festival photography here

Cotswold Water Park Four Pillar Hotel, July 2 2016

News Posted on Tue, August 02, 2016 20:45:02

Icarus Photography were at the Cotswold Four Pillars Hotel
during the first weekend of July. The hotel is a popular venue for weddings and
business events, located near South Cerney in the beautiful Cotswolds region.

We were covering a birthday party, a celebration that
involved more than one hundred guests. Icarus offers photography for family
events, such as birthdays and christenings, allowing us to offer more scope to
our clients.

The birthday party was a success and the client more than
happy with the photography. We hope to cover more such events in the future,
supplementing our portfolio of weddings.

The gallery, showing the highlights of the night, can be
found here

Steve and Jon

Wedding Photography for 2016

News Posted on Fri, January 22, 2016 11:40:25

Hi everyone,

Just an update of what Icarus Photography have been up to over the past few months and what we are planning for 2016.

The past few months have been ones of reviewing where we are and laying the groundwork for future business.

With this in mind, we decided to sharpen our marketing and advertising in wedding photography by partnering with UK Bride. UK Bride is one of the most successful and largest wedding planners and social networks for brides to be in Britain. We became a member as listed photographers several months ago and have not looked back since.

We have provided a constant stream of quotes to brides to be in the region, and already have gained a good deal of interest and even one or two appointments. This has been very encouraging and has allowed us to reinvent our marketing strategy. A result of the marketing are further updates to our website and Face Book page with new offers.

A new flyer has been created, outlining who we are and has been sent to all those potential brides showing interest. We have rejigged our main wedding packages and also offer an engagement photo shoot as an extra option or as part of a package.

Further to this, we are offering a free photo book or canvas print with our Emerald and Sapphire packages respectively for brides who book with us by the end of March.

All this is keeping us very busy. Of course we are still covering live events and music gigs as we endeavor to promote this side of the photography as well. Epica and Reverend And The Makers were recently covered and reviewed in Bristol, galleries can be found on the website.

Watch this space for further news…
Steve and Jon
Icarus Photography


News Posted on Wed, April 22, 2015 19:11:05


We moved from the O2 Academy to The Fleece in Bristol just two days later, Saturday 21st March. The Fleece is a popular venue and on this night hosted The Tuts, who supported none other than The Selecter. The Tuts are an all girl indie punk band from West London, again we were covering the event with photos for the website and a review for (Music Trespass­). The Tuts contributed to an enjoyable night of music, the photos can be seen here. (link).

The Selecter first formed in 1979 and have been performing ska and 2 Tone music for approaching three decades. They are one of the most iconic bands of the ska and 2 Tone movement and have produced many hits over the years, such as Missing Words and On My Radio. Fronted by Pauline Black and Arthur “Gaps” Hendrickson, they are more popular than ever and tour throughout the UK.

We at Icarus captured the best moments of the performance, using the back drop of strobe lighting to good effect. The compact stage at The Fleece provided an intimate setting for both The Selecter and The Tuts, and allowed for the photography that can be seen here. (link) So, another successful night for Icarus as we continue to cover the local music scene. Look out for further blogs.


News Posted on Wed, April 22, 2015 19:08:10


We found ourselves at the O2 Academy on the evening of Thursday 19th March providing photography and a music review for (Music Trespass), follow the link to their site. A memorable night was had by all as new wave and punk group The Rezillos provided support for The Stranglers. The Rezillos, formed in Edinburgh in 1976, performed a feisty brand of punk and new wave that struck a chord with the audience. We managed to get a whole range of shots that showed what this band was all about, the gallery can be viewed here. The Stranglers need little introduction, forming originally in 1974, their mixture of punk and rock music has earned them 23 UK Top 40 singles and 17 UK Top 40 albums. They entertained the audience with classic hits such as Golden Brown and No More Heroes and some of their newer material. Again Icarus took a range of shots that show the spirit of The Stranglers, the gallery can be seen here.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

News Posted on Sat, February 28, 2015 09:35:06

you and your partner plan your wedding day, photography is high on
the list of requirements. This is your special day, full of memories
for years afterwards that needs to be treated sensitively by the

a professional photographer can do this, a person who has an
instinctive knowledge of the camera which will bring the best out of
the wedded couple and their guests.

the widespread use of digital cameras now it is tempting to ask
family or friends to take the photographs. However they may not have
the necessary detachment, equipment or eye for the best shots a
professional will have.

professional photographer knows how to use aperture, shutter speed
and ISO settings to find the best shot time after time. The
photographer will know how to use light to their advantage and
instinctively know when flash is required. What is more the
professional will have the SLR cameras, flash guns and lenses which
are necessary to bring the best out of the people and occasion. He or
she will also have the social skills to gain the best group shots
which are favourites for the album or photo book, and of course know
when to take the reportage shots.

wedding the professional will have the best software and facilities
to edit and produce the shots you will come to love, complemented by
the photo books and albums that will capture all those memories. So
when you are planning your wedding, leave nothing to chance and hire
a professional. Safe in the knowledge your wedding photography will
be in safe hands.

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